Business Case Development

The Problem

A well-prepared Business Case is essential for enabling evidence-based decision making and driving out maximum value from spending proposals. The challenge has never been greater than with the recent tightening of finances.

All too often, those proposing the spending have a particular solution in mind, and use the Business Case to justify this solution. From an organisational viewpoint, this is a risky approach that may mean that valid alternatives are not investigated and significant additional value is not pursued.

The Solution

Policies, strategies, programmes and projects will only achieve their spending objectives and deliver benefits if they have been scoped robustly and planned realistically from the outset, with associated risks being taken into account. Every Business Case needs to convincingly demonstrate that there is a compelling case to address the business problem or opportunity, that a wide range of options have been assessed and that the preferred option represents optimal value for money, and that the objectives of the proposed programme or project are achievable, in a commercially viable and affordable manner.

The Business Case, both the product and the process of creating it, provides decision makers and other stakeholders with a management tool for evidence-based and transparent decision making, as well as a framework for the delivery, governance, management and ongoing performance monitoring of the resultant programme or project.

We apply our experience and the best practice Five Cases Model to impove analysis of the real business problem to be solved or opportunity to be pursued, exploration of possible solutions and subsequent scoping of projects and programmes.

We deliver better Business Cases, in shorter timeframes at reduced cost using a standard, scalable and proportionate approach that supports more effective decision making.

We use the new Better Business Cases TM guidance from the UK Treasury as the basis for our work. To find out more about Better Business Cases, visit the Better Business Cases page on the Inspiring Projects website. We also use standards such as MoP ®, MSP ® and PRINCE2 ®, and integrate these sets of guidance.

To find out more about how we can help you set up an effective delivery support structure, please contact us today.

Typical Deliverables

  • Strategic Business Case, to establish the case for change and provide a preferred way forward;
  • Outline Business Case, to confirm the selected option will optimise value for money, prepare for procurement, and put in place the necessary funding and management arrangements for successful delivery;
  • Full Business Case, to update the Business Case with best and final offers from tenderers, and finalise management plans.

To find out more about how we can help get your Business Cases robust and defensible, please contact us today.

PRINCE2®, MSP® and MoP® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited
Better Business Cases TM is a trade mark of Her Majesty's Treasury.

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