Rapid Startup Service

The Problem

You are under pressure to get things done. Senior management have established a wildly optimistic corporate strategy and have made promises to key stakeholders, operations urgently needs a solution to ongoing major problems, you've got a cast of thousands of project and technical people pressuring you for decisions, everyone expects you to be able to solve their problems rapidly, and you've got far too much on your plate already.

Sound familiar?

All too often, up-front concept analysis and challenge, evaluation of alternative solution sets and delivery approaches, and establishment of an effeective governance and management framework are rushed or skipped altogether, done poorly or the process takes far too long, yet this work covers the most important decisions the project team will be making. If this work isn't done thoroughly, delivery failure is almost certain.

The Solution

With the guidance of our experienced consultants your programme or project can be underway in a matter of days or weeks, as opposed to the weeks or months that you may currently be experiencing. Realistic and meaningful plans set the stage for getting the concept clear, identifying an optimal approach, accelerating delivery completion, reducing risk, maintaining quality and enabling you to have more effective control of your delivery initiatives.

The rapid delivery startup service focuses on the creation of a signature-ready delivery document set, which covers scope, approach, timeframes, quality, costs, benefits, risks. This document includes all of the elements necessary to establish a roadmap for delivery success. Utilizing proven delivery methods, our consultants work with your delivery team in a systematic, step-by-step process to rapidly think through and document all the necessary components required to underpin successful outcomes.

The result is a complete, comprehensive set of delivery documents ready for approval and signature. All in a matter of days.

We use standards such as MoP ®, MSP ®, PRINCE2 ® and PMI’s PMBoK ®, and integrate these sets of guidance.

Typical Deliverables

  • Definition Document, which covers scope, approach, organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, timeframes, quality, costs, benefits and risks, all coming together in plans and the delivery Business Case;
  • Control Document, which describes the processes by which all of the key elements of the delivery initiative will be controlled and governed, including risks, issues and change control, quality and assurance management, resources and their procurement, stakeholders and how they will be engaged, benefits and how they will be realised, configuration items and how their coherence will be ensured;
  • Records of discussions, workshops.

To find out more about how we can help get your delivery initiatives off to a fast start, please contact us today.

PRINCE2®, MSP® and MoP® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited
PMBOK® is a registered trademark of Project Management Institute, Inc

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